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Ishpreet Kaur Bhogal published her first poetry book, Recovery in Oct 2020. Recovery, is a book dedicated to her late mother, sharing seven years of their journey together in 127 pages. A raw and heartfelt read of the difficulties of caring for a loved one with cancer. 

Creative writing has provided Ishpreet with a voice, a way to channel her thoughts and emotions through the traumatic life-changing events she has encountered. By sharing her vulnerabilities through poetry, she aims to support others going through a similar journey. Ishpreet's profound gratitude for her readers has only encouraged her to continue writing and she endeavours to share more on growth, relationships and self-discovery in the coming years.

Ishpreet has built her platform by supporting writing and poetry workshops, conducting live poetry readings, speaking on numerous podcasts and now launching her own collection of canvas prints. 

Explore Ishpreet's written art and head over to her Instagram page @ishpreetwrites for more poetry and prose.

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